Tree Removal experts in any scenario. No job is too big or too small for our experienced and safety conscious teams.

Minneapolis Tree Removal Service

Symbiosis Tree Surgeons is equipped and trained to remove any type of tree. Our team has been contracted by Counties, Municipalities, and Organizations to handle their hazardous tree removals and emergency storm work.


Symbiosis is a team of experienced Certified Arborists that serve the Minneapolis area.  Although we strive to save every tree we can, sometimes tree removal is necessary.


We look at tree removal as a last resort solution to a problem. Many times we’re able to arrive at a solution to before tree removal is necessary, such as tree pruning or health improvement. Unfortunately, there are situations where the only solution is for the tree to come down.


When tree removal is necessary, the Certified Arborists of Symbiosis are skilled enough to carefully choose the appropriate combination of techniques to get your tree on the ground quickly and safely.


Tree removal techniques for the trees of Minneapolis and greater Minnesota, sometimes will either need a bucket truck, a crane, or other cost-effective climbing techniques with technical rigging.  Symbiosis offers fair pricing, and our crew is very comfortable and experienced with all methods of tree removal.  


Due to the outbreak of emerald ash borer, crane removal is becoming more popular for tree removal for residential trees in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul communities.


When homeowners are in a position of having to remove a tree, please don't make the mistake of hiring companies that are inexperienced, or fall victim to a low price that seems too good to be true. Hire an insured and experienced Certified Arborist.


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